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The gift shop I work at sells a large variety of inexpensive masquerade masks. As I was straightening the other evening I came across the perfect mask to match the bee and fleur de lis fabric I found at school last week.  I love the colors in the mask so much I want to mimic them on a corset.

Our final project in the class is to turn in one completed corset. We are allowed to use the patterns we drafted or a commercial pattern. I am leaning towards the Truly Victorian TV110 as it is a straight forward late Victorian pattern with minimal fussiness. I would love to pattern match the front corset panels brocade in the picture above, and alternate gold and rust panels for the rest of the corset. I didn’t have any luck finding matching fabric at Jo-Ann, fortunately there are a few other places around for me to check out.

At this rate I am going to have to build multiple corsets in order to incorporate all of my ideas. I am already torn between building a Victorian corset and  18th century stays. I would also like to add an underbust corset to the mix!


Corset Building, Week Two

In my second week of class we continued draping corset bodices on the dress form. The first style was a straight 8 panel corset, the second an 8 panel corset with a bust dart and pointed front and back.  The third corset was also 8 panels, but it had a top and bottom bust piece cut on the bias.  This was most successful muslin as the lines actually lined up this time. The fourth corset style is of our own choosing, I’ll likely draft an underbust pattern, just to do something different.

Another highlight of the week was going through the school’s fabric stash. I scored a few small pieces of rust colored brocade with yellow bees and fleur de lis. I do not know if there is enough for a complete corset, although it may work well for the underbust I just drafted. I may save it and pattern match the front panels of a straight Victorian corset pattern that I already own. I also came across a yard or two of purple cotton velvet-I see a lot of corset building in my future!

One of these days I will get around to taking a camera to class.