The Pumpkin Bird Skirt

In order to prepare for taking a sewing class this semester I decided to make a few things with materials I had on hand. I belong to a lot of sewing and craft communities on live journal and I really like the project forms used by the sew_loli community and will be using them in my project posts.

Project Registration

Project Title : Pumpkin Bird Skirt
Short Project Description: Lined skirt with a yoke, side zipper and gathered poof.
Projected Deadline: No deadline
Pattern(s) Used: Vogue 8127 (view C)
Materials needed: 100% cotton for the skirt itself and a satiny polyester lining fabric, 7″ zipper, hook & eye closure and thread.
Challenges or obstacles : I do not have much experience putting zippers in.

Project Completion

Project Title: Pumpkin Bird Skirt
Project Start Date: January ?
Planned Finish Date: January ?
Actual Finish Date: It only took a couple of days.
Did you make changes from original plan? The pattern is sized (6-8-10-12), I am technically a 14 on the bottom, pattern wise. I increased the yoke and lining pieces a fraction of an inch on each side (I used the same distance from a size 10 to size 12 to make a size 14).
Did you discover something you want to share?
Practice makes perfect?
How happy are you with the result? 90%. I need to re-stitch the zipper, as I cut some important threads that had bunched up on the back, and the hem is slightly uneven. This skirt would likely lay better if I had used a silky material instead of 100% cotton. All the bad aside, it fits perfectly and I do not think the print screams Halloween so I can likely get away with wearing at other times of the year.


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